What is Audit & Assurance?

The business landscape is changing. Audit has matured as a function and many organizations see it as playing a vital role in assisting management in the effective completion of their duties. It is no longer limited to financial issues but covers business and operational issues. Audit & Assurance is about much more than just numbers, it is about establishing strong foundations for future endeavours. Being an entrepreneur it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the financial side of things. This is where KAN Global comes in, we help you clearly understand the workings of your business and highlight any possible weakness in your control system that can be exploited. Our team provides quick and efficient responses to client needs. We use a risk based audit approach which not only verifies the financial accuracy of your financial statements but also focuses on the analysis and management of risk. Regular auditing will ensure your company is always in compliance, operating efficiently and one step ahead of the competition.